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Profile and mission

« Respecting our nature! »

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Protect and enhance natural environments for educational and recreational tourism.

Bec-Scie trails
Bec-Scie trails


By 2025, through its developed expertise, Contact Nature will be a benchmark in the protection, sound management and sustainable development of natural environments.

Contact Nature will have generated measurable positive economic, social and environmental benefits for the entire community served.


Sustainable development

Contact Nature aims to apply the principles of sustainable development in all of its decisions and actions.


Contact Nature is committed to maintaining a high level of professionalism in all of its operations. It wants to provide excellent service to its customers as well as ensuring the safety of its activities.

Commitment to the community

Contact Nature wishes to create a feeling of belonging with its community and its team. It is committed to listening to its surrounding community and acting with transparency in all of its decisions and actions.