Moonlight Evening at Bec-Scie - Bec-Scie Outdoor Centre

Moonlight Evening at Bec-Scie

March 7 2020
Bec-Scie Outdoor Center
7400, chemin des Chutes
La Baie
G7B 3N8
On Saturday March 7, meet at the Bec-Scie Outdoor Center for a snowshoe hike in the moonlight.
Follow the guide by the Rivière-à-Mars!The moon will be 89% full. The decor will be magnificent!
  • Poutine bar
  • Storyteller around the campfire
  • The chalet bar will be open.
$ 15 + taxes per person

Poutine bar, access to trails and guide included.

Book online or at the Bec-Scie reception.

Snowshoe rental on site ($ 7).


Thanks to Fromagerie Boivin for sponsoring the delicious cheese curds for the poutine bar!

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