Recipient of the Builder of Today Award - Campground Au jardin de mon père

Recipient of the Builder of Today Award

26 October 2021

To underline the exceptional work of campground operators, Camping Québec proceeded on October 21 with the presentation of its 24th Excellence Awards by videoconference.

The Au jardin de mon père campsite is one of the recipients of the Builder Today award for its investment of $ 98,000 for the addition of water games!

The campsite also received this recognition award in 2019.

This recognition aims to publicize the investment projects carried out by the campgrounds of the
Quebec in order to improve their infrastructure and recreational areas, or increase their capacity

This year, all the investments made by the 20 recipients of the Builder of Today award
totals $ 3,327,609.34, an amount that certainly demonstrates the economic strength of the camping industry in
Quebec as well as the operators' desire to develop continuously. The construction of swimming pools or
water games, the addition of sanitary blocks, the development of new locations or even the improvement of
electricity network are all projects that figure among the investments made by managers in order to
to offer campers an attractive and quality product.

Each year, the camping industry generates nearly $ 1,088 million in economic benefits for Quebec and
generates around 13,500 salaried jobs. Spread across the province in 18 tourist regions
different, the 1070 or so campgrounds in Quebec play an important economic role, in addition to
to contribute to the influence and tourism dynamism of their region. (Source: Quebec campsite)

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