A Major Study on the Riviere-à-Mars - Rivière-à-Mars

A Major Study on the Riviere-à-Mars

18 June 2019

Contact Nature undertakes a major research project on Rivière-à-Mars. This $ 90,000 study, which will be carried out as part of a UQAC renewable resource master's project, is timely in this Water Month. Every year, we work on the Rivière-à-Mars to try to foster the creation and maintenance of natural habitats. As the river is still suffering the effects of the 1996 flood, this work does not achieve the expected results and requires recurrent economic investments.

In order to guide our future rehabilitation work, it is essential to know more precisely the behavior of the river. The research project, led by Maxime Boivin, professor of geography and fluvial hydrogeomorphology at UQAC, aims to analyze the evolution of Rivière-à-Mars and characterize its sedimentary dynamics. The project will take place over three years and an annual follow-up will be carried out thereafter.

This information will be used to target areas where rockfill could be dismantled to support the natural restoration processes of the river and the renewal of wildlife habitat. As we have been working for more than 30 years to protect the natural and wildlife environment of Rivière-à-Mars, we are confident that this project will bring concrete and lasting results. The whole team is delighted with this partnership with Professor Maxime Boivin and the UQAC research team.

Financial helpafrom several partners

To achieve this innovative research project that will promote and sustain the natural habitat of Atlantic salmon and sea trout, Contact Nature has obtained financial help from several partners. The Atlantic Salmon Conservation Foundation is investing $ 31,500, Mitacs $ 30,000 and the Quebec Wildlife Foundation $ 14,000.

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