Prevent Heating Oil Spills - Ice fishing villages

Prevent Heating Oil Spills

6 February 2019

To avoid spills of heating oil, get absorbent pads at the entrance of the ice villages as early as Thursday, February 7 th. Place these filters under the tank, line and carburetor to recover oil spills.

Excerpt from municipal by-law: Oil heating is permitted inside fishing huts, provided that equipment is provided with absorbent material below the tank, pipe and carburetor to recover the accidental spill of oils. The tanks can be installed inside and outside fishing huts.

Other practical tips for eco-friendly fishing:

  • Properly dispose of your garbage at the end of the day to avoid water contamination during storms or melting ice.
  • Never throw your garbage in the water or on the surface of the ice
  • By being respectful of the streams of our beautiful region, you help protect the water quality of your favorite fishing spot and preserve this recreational activity.
Thanks to comité ZIP Saguenay-Charlevoix for this environmental reminder.
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